Connecting to the internet with your router

How to set up your internet connection - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

You have an ADSL or wired internet connection with an Ethernet router. Follow the guide in order to set up your Ordissimo for accessing the internet...

Compatibility : Ordissimo
Level: Introduction
Estimated time: 15'


1This Ethernet cable is provided with your internet router. It allows you to connect your Ordissimo via Ethernet ports to your operator provided internet router.

cable ethernet


2Follow the user manual in order to plug in your router.

 Once everything is correctly plugged in, your router should begin installing automatically.

3Use an Ethernet cable to connect your Ordissimo to your internet router.

Once your internet router is completely installed, use your Ethernet cable to connect it to your Ordissimo. Connection should begin automatically once the cable is plugged in to both Ethernet ports. 

brancher cable ethernet


4Click on the web icon.

Click on the "Web" icon on the bottom left of your Ordissimo's homepage. 

cliquer sur internet

5Check your connection.

If the website appears, your connection has been properly configured and you can begin browsing the internet.

If you see an error message, double check that your Ethernet cable is plugged in correctly and consult the instruction manual if necessary.

utiliser internet


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