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How to choose your computer background - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

You're hoping to change your Ordissimo's background to a photo of your choice? You can choose any of your photos to become your next background. Follow this guide...

Compatibility : Ordissimo
Level: Introduction
Estimated time: 15'

On Ordissimo, you can change your background in order to personalize your Ordissimo. You can easily choose a particular photo: a vacation shot, family photo or any other to become your next Ordissimo background. It's the perfect opportunity to relive happy memories... Follow these steps in order to choose the perfect background for your Ordissimo. 


1Home screen.

On your home screen, click on "Settings" on the bottom left of your screen.



a. "Extras" window.
Next, click on "Extras"  in order to access your background settings. 

extras window

b. Background.
Once in the "Extras" window, you'll see a "Background" section towards the top of the screen. Click on  "An image" to the top right. 

background image

c. Load an image.
Next, click on "Load an image" to the top right of the screen.

load an image


3Choose the photo.

a.  Collection of "Images".
From here, select the picture that you want as a background. To do so, look through "Images" for your photo of choice.

collection of images

b. Choose the folder.
In this case, you're looking for a snapshot from your "Screensaver" folder. Use your mouse to click on this folder.

choose the folder

c. Select the picture.
You want the picture labeled "Fjord" and click on it to select it.

select the picture

d. Click on"Ok".
Once you've selected the picture, use your mouse to click on "OK".

select the picture


4Saved photo.

a. Photo registered as background.
Your Ordissimo will automatically send you back to the settings window. You'll see that the name of your selected photo is now next to the "Image" section at the top left of the screen.

photo registered as background

b. Click on "Home".
The photo was registered and you can return to your home screen. Click on "Home" to the bottom left.

go back ton your home screen

5Your personalized background.

Here we are back to your home screen with the picture that you've chosen! 

personalized background


Now you can personalize your Ordissimo ! 

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