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About internet bookmarks! - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

Is a particular web page of interest to you? You wish to save it for future reference? On your Ordissimo, it's possible to bookmark web pages that interest you in order to access them at your convenience. Follow this guide...

Compatibility : Ordissimo
Level: Introduction
Estimated time: 20'

If you wish to frequently return to a particular website without having to search for it, you may bookmark it! Together we will go through the different steps for bookmarking your favorite web pages. 


1Click on "Web".

From the home screen, click on the "Web" icon at the bottom of your screen.

click on web home page.

Finding yourself on the home screen, click on the article you wish to access.

home page ordissinaute

3"Bookmark" the page in order to save it.

In this example, you find yourself on the web page concerning your Ordissimo home screen. You hope to save this page in order to read it later on. Using your mouse, click on the "Add" icon towards the top of your screen.

add a page

4Bookmark the page.

A window appears with the name of the bookmark, in this case, "Presenting your Ordissimo home screen". Click on "Done" in order to save this web page as a bookmark. 

save the bookmark

5Search for other articles.

a. Click on "Tutorials".
Now, you wish to find other practical guides. Click on the "Tutorials" button. 

looking for an other page

b. Click on the chosen article. 
Click on the article concerning your Ordissimo's dialog box.

open a new article

6 Save this new page as a bookmark.

a. Bookmark the page.
As with the first web page, "Add" this page in order to save it to your list of "Bookmarks". 

 add the page to save

b. Save as "bookmark".
A window will appear asking you to save the bookmark. Click on "Done" to complete this step.

Bookmark the page

7Access your bookmarks.

From here, you wish to see your list of bookmarks. Click on the "Bookmarks" icon to the top of your screen.

access to my bookmarks

8Rename a bookmark.

a. Click on"Rename".
In order to better organize your bookmarks, you wish to rename them with specific titles. To do so, click on the "Rename" icon next to "Presenting your Ordissimo home screen". 

click on rename

b. Write a new title for the bookmark.
In order to validate the new bookmark title, click on "Ok". 

write a new name

9Review your bookmarks.

Here, observe your newly renamed bookmark.

my bookmark is renamed


10Organize and move "Bookmarks".

a. Click on the arrows.
In order to reposition your bookmarks, click on the arrow to the right of each bookmark you wish to move.

click on the arrows

b. Choose position.
Next, click on space where you want to place the bookmark.

move the bookmark

c. Review new position.
Here is the new order of your bookmarks.

my bookmark is moved

11Delete a bookmark.

a. Click on the trash bin.
To delete a bookmark, click on the trash icon next to the bookmark you want to delete.

click on the trash

b. Review bookmarks after deletion.
You'll find an updated bookmarks list, excluding those you just deleted. 

my bookmark is deleted

You can easily save all of the Ordissimo practical guides in order to find them easily in your "bookmarks" list. 

Now you can easily save and access your favorite internet websites!

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