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How to update your Ordissimo - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

For security reasons, your Ordissimo's operating system must be updated manually. The process is very simple and has a number of advantages. You'll have access to the most recent software updates and games and stay compatible with internet sites. Certain improvements for your applications will even be applied automatically. To learn about the process, follow this guide...

Compatibility : Ordissimo

Although updating your computer isn't required, we recommend that you do it regularly and check monthly whether or not an update is available for your Ordissimo. In order to update your Ordissimo, make sure that you're connected to the internet. For a laptop computer, you'll also need to check that it is plugged in or fully charged because you wouldn't want it to run out of battery in the middle of updating! 

If your Ordissimo has more than one user, make sure that it's the primary ordissimo user completing the updates. Other users won't have the authority to modify the system but will benefit from the updates all the same! 

1 Click on Settings. 

First, go to your settings by clicking on the "Settings" icon on the home screen. 

cliquer sur reglages


2 Click on the "Ordissimo" window.

Next, go to the "Ordissimo" window if you are not already there.

cliquer sur ordissimo


3 Click on "Install updates".

Click on "Install updates", a window searching for available updates will appear. 

effectuer la mise à jour


4Wait while the system looks for available updates. 

Wait while your Ordissimo searches for any available updates.
recherche mise à jour


5 Install updates and authorize your Ordissimo to restart.

If an update is available, a new window will appear. Click on "Continue" to install the update. Your Ordissimo will restart and you must wait while the installation process takes place...

Lancer la mise à jour

 DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR ORDISSIMO before the installation process is complete.That being said, it is fine for your Ordissimo to restart on its own.  


renouvellement abonnement 8

If you still need help installing updates after reading this guide, 

contact us at 00 44 2034455710 between 9am and 7pm (Cost of a local call from a landline).