Using a webcam with Ordissimo - Tutorials (Ordissimo v4)

What can we do with webcams, and with which applications? What's the difference between "Skype Video Conference" and "Webcam" ? And what to do when the webcam is blurry? To find answers to these questions, keep reading...

Multiple Ordissimo applications use the Webcam including "Webcam" and "Skype Video Conference". Together we'll study how to test your webcam before we offer suggestions in the case that an application malfunctions. 


Presentation of webcam applications.

  • Webcam : allows you to take photos, record videos and potentially send them by email
  • Video-call Skype : phone calls and video conference calls via internet.



1Webcam test. 

To test your Ordissimo's webcam, you can use the "Webcam" application located on your home screen. This tool allows you to take photos and videos with your very own webcam.

An image of your webcam should appear but if not, verify the following things to make sure the webcam is functioning properly:

  1. Plug the USB into the Ordissimo if it's an external webcam; 
  2. Activate the webcam on certain Ordissimo laptops: sometimes a button with the image of a webcam is available for activating/deactivating the webcam, press this button once if available then restart the webcam application; 
  3. Webcam compatibility: if plugged in through USB, your webcam must be in standard "UVC" format.


If you have a problem using your webcam, here are some things to verify: 

  1. If your image doesn't appear, you can choose the correct camera in your Skype Audio and Video settings. If the webcam still isn't working, close the conversation and start again. 
  2. If your microphone isn't working, you can choose the correct microphone in your Skype Audio and Video settings. If this doesn't change anything, go to the "Extras" section of your Ordissimo settings and make sure that the microphone sensitivity isn't set to 0%. If this still doesn't fix your issue, close the conversation and start again. 


3Only one program can use webcam at a time.

  1. Your webcam can be used with the "Webcam" application to take pictures and record videos or "Video-callSkype" to have a conversation with someone.  
  2. Attention ! Only one of these applications can be used at a time. If not, only the first one opened will be able to use the webcam. You must therefore exit "Video-call Skype" to use "Webcam" or vice-versa. 


4Internal microphones of USB webcams. 

The internal microphones of USB webcams (such as logitech webcams C250, C300...) do not function with the "Webcam" application. In order to have sound while recording a video, you must plug an external microphone into your computer.

We suggest that you purchase headphones that plug into a standard headphone jack (and not USB headphones) to obtain the highest sound quality and avoid the feedback effect. 

5Blurry Webcam.

  • On a new Ordissimo laptop, don't forget to take the protective plastic off of your camera! 
  • With an external USB webcam, clarity settings are often adjustable by turning the ring encircling the lense. 

Communicate with friends and family, take photos, and even record your own videos!

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