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How to add a comment with the "Photos" application - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

Are you looking to personalize your photos? Did you know that you can add comments to your vacation pics before sending them to friends and family by email? To know more, follow this guide...

Compatibility : Ordissimo
Level: Introduction
Estimated time: 30'

Together we'll go step by step through how to insert a comment on any image saved to your Ordissimo using the "Photos" application. 


1Click on the "Photos" application.

From your home screen, click on the "Photos" icon on the applications bar. 

Click on Photos

2Click on the album of choice.

Once in the "Photos" application, click on the album of interest in the left hand column. After choosing the album, click on a photo. 

Click on a specific file

3Add a comment.

a. Click on the "Comment" icon.
Now you'd like to write a comment on the photo. Simply click on the "Comment" icon on the toolbar. 

Click on Comment

b. Write your text.
Next, write a comment directly on the photo corresponding to the name of the place where the photo was taken. You also have the option of writing a brief description. 

write your text

c. Click on "Ok".
Once you've finished your comment, click on "Ok" on the toolbar.

click on ok

d. Your comment is saved.

Here we see the photo with the newly saved comment. 

saved comment

 The original photo is saved to the left of this annotated photo. You may access it by clicking on "Previous photo".

4Select another photo. 

Now, click on a second photo in order to see it full sized. 

Select a photo

5 ZOOM : you wish to write a title with a larger font size. 

a. Click on the "Comment" icon.

 ZOOM : you wish to write a title with a larger font size. 

b. Once you've written your text, click on  "-" or "+" to decrease or increase the size of the comment. You also can use the  "Zoom-" and "Zoom+" keys on your keyboard.

 ZOOM : you wish to write a title with a larger font size. 

c. As soon as you click on "Ok", your comment will be saved in the selected size. 

 ZOOM : you wish to write a title with a larger font size. 

6Find your photos in "Documents".

a. Click on "Documents".
You can easily locate these photos in "Documents". Click on the "Docs" icon to the bottom of your screen. 

Find your photos in Documents.

b. Click on the "Images" directory.
By clicking on the "Images" images directory followed by the photo album in question (in this example: "Screensaver"), you will have access to original photos and those with added comments (the word "-Note" appears in the image title). 

Find your photos in Documents.

With the "Photos" application, you can send your annotated photos to loved ones via email. To do so, use the practical guide Send a photo via email with the "Photos" application.

Now you know how to add a comment to your photos!