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Using the trash bin in your documents - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

How do you sort through your documents? Your Ordissimo gives you various options for sending documents to the trash as well as an option for restoring documents under certain conditions. Let us explain...

Compatibility : Ordissimo
Level: Introduction
Estimated time: 10'

Together we're going see how to delete a document and/or folder and subsequently how to restore it in case of accidental deletion. 


1Go to your documents.

To go to your documents, click on the "Docs" icon.

Click on Docs


2Select the document for deletion.

Once in your "Documents", select the document or folder you'd like to delete.
Select the file to delect


3Delete the document.

a. Click on trash.
To delete (send to trash) a document or folder, click on the "trash" icon.
Click on the trash bin

b. Confirm deletion.
A window will appear indicating that the document or folder was successfully deleted.
Confirm deleting


4Find the deleted document in your trash.

If you deleted the incorrect document or folder, click on the "Trash" directory. This brings you to the recently deleted file. 
Deleted doc in the trash bin


5Restore a document.

a. Complete an immediate restoration.
You can restore files immediately after deleting them. If your last action was to click on the "Delete" button, simply click on the "Undo" button (this button cancels the last completed command). 

Restore doc

b. Restore documents from trash. 
Here I am in the "Docs" trash directory. Select the accidentally deleted document and click on "Restore".
Restore docs via trash directory

c. Restoration confirmation message.
A window will appear indicating that the document was successfully restored.
Successful restore

d. Visualize contents in "Docs".
To find a restored document or folder, click on the directory in which it was initially located (in this example: "Documents"). This allows you to visualize the restored document/folder.
File restored on Documents

attention  Once a document is deleted, you have 30 days to restore it before it will be permanently erased.


6Empty the trash.

attention Up to now, you had the option of restoring an unintentionally deleted document. Emptying the trash bin, however, will prevent your from restoring this folder or document. 

The "Empty Trash bin" button allows you to permanently delete all documents and/or folders located in the "Docs" trash bin. 

a. Click on "Empty the trash".
While in the "Docs" trash bin, click on the "Empty trash bin" button to permanently delete all files in the "Docs" trash bin.
Click on Empty trash bin

b. Confirm deletion.
A confirmation window will appear asking you to approve the emptying of the trash bin: click on the grey "OK" button.

Deletion confirmation

c. Your empty trash bin.
Once you've approved emptying the trash bin, all documents will be deleted and the trash bin emptied.
Empty trash bin

Now you know how to delete unnecessary documents in order to free up storage space on your computer! 

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