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How to insert an image in a document using the "Write" application - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

In the "Write" application, you can insert a photo to illustrate your text. You can also change your document to "landscape" mode to better fit the photograph and/or make your titles colorful. Follow this guide...

Compatibility : Ordissimo
Level: Introduction
Estimated time: 30'

Together we'll see how to personalize a text by adding images and modifying the format using the "Write" application. 


1Click on the "Write" application.

On the home page, click on "Write". 

Open Write app

2Change page layout. 

Here you are in the "Write" application. If you'd like to change the page layout, use your mouse to click on "Format" then select "Landscape". 

Click on Format


3Click on the "Image" icon.

To illustrate your document by inserting a photo. Click on "Image" at the top right of the toolbar.

Open an image

4 Choose the photo.

A window will appear. Choose the "Images" directory followed by the "Screensaver" folder (of course you can choose any directory and folder that contains the desired photo). 

Choose a photo

5Select the photo. 

a. Once in the correct folder, choose the desired photo and click on "Open" at the bottom right of the window. 

Select the photo

b. Position the photo in the document.
The selected photo will appear in your document. You can reposition it by clicking on it and holding down your mouse as you use it to move the photo to a new spot (the cursor transforms into a hand to signal that you can move the photo as you wish).  

Move the photo


6Make your title colorful. 

a.Write the title.
Now you'd like to add a title. Using your mouse, click on the place you'd like to create the title and begin typing.

Write a text

b. Select the text. 
To place emphasis on the title, you can change its color. To do so, select it then click on the "Colour" icon which will allow you to choose a color.

Select the text



7Choose a different style for your title.

Next, click on "Style" on your toolbar and select "bold". 

Change the style


8Review modifications.

Here is your new bold, red title. 

Format a text


As an example, here's a snapshot of something you might create with the tools we've just gone over. 



Now you know how to make lovely photo presentations, letting those creative juices flow!