golden scrabble

Golden Scrabble, the impressive game of letters - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

What's better than having fun and learning new words at the same time? Ordissimo offers you the game of Golden Scrabble. You'll find yourself entertained for hours, racking your brain for the right word to beat the computer.

Compatibility : Ordissimo
Level: Confirmed
Estimated time: 45'

Before playing this game on your computer, make sure to download the "Golden Scrabble" application. For additional help, consult the practical guide "How to download an application".


1Open the Golden Scrabble application.

From your Ordissimo home screen, click on "Golden Scrabble" to start the game. 

click on golden scrabble


2Start game.

a. Decide which player starts.
You'll come to a page asking you to choose a letter. This determines who plays his letters first between you and the computer. Click on "Choose". 


b. Click on "Start Game".
You are randomly assigned the letter "O". The computer draws "I", which comes first in the alphabet. It gets to play first. Click on "Start Game".

click on choose   

click on start the game

c. Game board.
Here you are looking at the Golden Scrabble game board. To the left are your seven letters, the middle contains the board on which you will play, and to the right is information about the current game. 

game board

Square color coding :

double letter score : Double letter score
triple letter of account : Triple letter score
Double Count Word : Double word score
Triple count word : Triple word score 

3Play a word.

a. Select a letter.
Using your mouse, select the letter you'd like to play. Here, you opt for the letter "G". 

select a letter

b. Click on a square.
Now that you've chosen which word to play, click on the square in which you'd like to place your letter or else slide your letter over to it. Do this as many times as you need to complete the word. 

click on a box

Each new word must contain at least one letter that's already on the board. 

c. Alternative : choose the square first.
To place a letter on the board, you can also click on the destination square first and select from the letters that pop up. This pop up window only contains the seven letters in your possession. 

first click on a box


4Play a joker tile.

Some tiles have nothing written on them besides a star: these are the jokers. You can assign any letter you wish to them, although keep in mind that they are not worth any points. 

a. Select the joker tile.
From your letters, select the "joker" tile by clicking on it. 

joker letter

b. Click on an empty square.
Like for the other letters, choose where you'd like to place the tile by clicking on a specific square. 

choose a box

c. Select your letter of choice
A window will appear with the alphabet. Select the letter you'd like to assign to your joker tile. You were hoping to form the word "elfins" but are missing the "S" tile: click on S in the alphabet. 

select a letter

d. Click on the square once more
To make the letter appear, you must click once more on the square of choice. An "S" will appear and your word is formed. 

click again on the box


5Validate a word.

a. Click on "Validate".
Once your word is spelled out, click on "Validate" on the upper toolbar to lock it in.  

click on validate

b. Word approved. 
The game consults its dictionary and confirms that the submitted word exists. The message "Well done" will appear for a few seconds. Now it's the computer's turn to play.


If you've submitted a word that doesn't exist in the dictionary, the computer will not accept it. You must remove your letters and think of another word to play. 

c. Draw new letters. 
You don't have to click anywhere to draw new letters: they will appear automatically to the left of your screen once you've played your turn. 

drawn letters


6Change positions.

You can make as many adjustments you'd like to your word as long as you haven't validated it.

a. Go back.
If you'd like to remove one or more letters that you've just placed on the board, click on the "Back" arrow to the top left of your screen. All the letters you've played during your current turn will be removed from the board. Now you can play a new word in a different spot. 

go back

b. Move a letter.
If you've accidentally placed a letter in the wrong square, simply click on the letter and move it to its intended spot. 

move a letter


7Request help.

You can consult the dictionary or skip your turn if you prefer. 

a. Click on "Ideas".
You can't seem to make a word with your available letters. For a hint, click on the light bulb to the top left and access your "Suggested words".  

click on ideas

b. Consult the "suggested words".
Several words are provided that combine your letters with the ones on the board. There should be plenty of material to help you create a word. Close the window and return to the game by clicking on "Quit". 

suggested words

c. Skip your turn. 
If none of the suggested words were helpful, you can choose to skip your turn. To do so, click on the "Skip turn" button indicated by two little arrows at the top of the screen. The computer will take then its turn. 

pass his turn


8Change letters. 

a. Click on "Draw again".
If you are unhappy with your letters, you have the option to draw new ones. Click on the rounded arrow on the upper toolbar which symbolizes "Draw again". 

click on pick again

b. Exchange certain letters.
Select the letter(s) that you'd like to get rid of and click on "Change". The game will replace them with new ones.  

click on change


9Count the points. 

The panel to the right of the screen contains information about the current game. 

information panel

Here you'll find:

  • The game's difficulty level,
  • the language used,
  • the remaining tiles (by clicking on the drop down menu you can see how many letters you and the computer have already played),
  • the score,
  • the words played over the course of the game and how many points they were worth. 


10End the game.

a. The computer has no more words. 
When there are few letters left to play, the computer may become stuck. This means it can't form any more words with its remaining letters. A message will pop up saying "Computer does not have a word" and you can play again. On its next turn the computer might be able to play a word or else will have to skip its turn again. 

the computer has no more words

b. Game won.
The game ends once there are no more letters left to play. A message will pop up indicating "Game over". If you accumulated more points over the course of the game than the computer, then you have won. 

game won

c. Game lost.
On the other hand, if the computer earned more points than you then it wins the round. 

lost part


11Start a new round. 

You can decide to play again. Access the drop down menu and click on "New game". The game board will clear and you are given new letters. 

start a new game


12Change game settings.

a. Go to "Preference".
Click on "Menu" then "Preferences". 

go to preferences

b. Change certain settings.
The window that opens contains several categories: 

  • Game code: Scrabble instructions.
  • Shortcuts: see what shortcuts you can use in the game.
  • Language: the game is in French by default. If you'd like to play in another language, you'll need to create a text file with all of the words in your language of choice in order to add it to the game. 
  • Difficulty: select the game's difficulty level.
  • Font: you can increase the size of the letters or their font.
  • Colors: if you wish, you can modify the colors of the game board. 
  • Sounds: here you can turn off the game sounds. Simply click on the button to the left of "Activate audio": the switch will go from blue to grey.
  • Other: decide whether to display the information panel and/or your available letters. 


preferences panel

You can also turn off game sounds by turning down your Ordissimo volume using the "Volume" keys on your keyboard. 

c. Change difficulties.
Say that you find the game too difficult because the computer keeps playing six-letter words. You can lower the difficulty (or raise it) by going to the "Difficulty" window and selecting your preferred level. In this example, since you are new to Scrabble, you choose "Easier". To apply the modification, click on "Quit" at the bottom of the settings window. 

choose the difficulty


13Make the game full screen. 

You can choose to hide your Ordissimo toolbar while you are playing Scrabble. To do so, click on the "Full screen" button and the game will expand to fit the entire screen. To return to a normal size, click on the same button. 

put in full screen


Now it's up to you to find the right words to beat your opponent!