Copy paste several files

How to copy and move multiple files at once. - Tutorials Ordissimo (Ordissimo v4)

Together we'll see how to copy and move multiple files at once, without having to deal with them one by one... Are you looking to copy multiple files at once and paste them in another folder? Follow this guide...

Compatibility : Ordissimo
Level: Confirmed
Estimated time: 30'

First of all, know that you can copy multiple files of various types at once, like photos, videos, documents etc. Whatever type of file you're hoping to copy, the process remains unchanged. Now let's get down to business!


1Click on "Documents".

To begin, click on the "Docs" icon, located on your home screen's application bar, to locate all of your photos and documents. 

Open Docs app


2Plug in your USB flash drive.

In this example, you'd like to copy photos onto your USB drive. To do so, plug your USB into your Ordissimo's USB port (cf. practical guide How to copy photos onto a USB flash drive). If your USB drive is correctly connected to your ordissimo, it will appear on the screen beneath your other directories. Here, your USB drive is titled  "4E96-BCCE". Click on this section to create a destination folder for the files you'd like to transfer. 

Connecting a USB key


3Create a new folder.

a. Cliqck on "Create a folder".
Now, click on the "Create a folder" icon. 

Create a folder

b. Fill in a folder name.
A window will appear with the following message: "Enter the name of the new folder".

 Name the folder

c. Confirm the new folder. 
Once you've entered the folder name, click on "Ok". 

Validate the name


4Choose photos. 

a. Click on the "Images" directory.
Click on the "Images" directory, then on the "Screensaver" folder to copy the photos you wish to transfer to your USB drive. 

Click on Images

b. Activate multi selection. 
In order to select multiple photos at once, click on the "Activate multi selection" icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen. 

Activate multi selection

c. Select the photos to be copied. 
In this example, you copy multiple pictures of fjords. 

Select photos

Store Ordissimo. These photos aren't necessarily in order on the list. 

5Copy multiple files.

From here, click on the "Copy" icon to copy the photos of fjords.

Click on copy


6Paste the files.

Click on the "4E96-BCCE" directory then on the "Holidays" folder into which you can paste the selected photos. 

a.Click on the "Paste" icon to insert the pictures of fjords. b. The photos were correctly copied into this folder.
click on paste Paste on the USb key


Now you know how to copy and move multiple files at once!